Corellium Review: Is it best iOS Emulator (2023)

Corellium is a machine-based virtualization used to test security on iPhone devices. The Corellium Company created a virtual imitation of mobile devices to enable them to test software and applications. Corellium ensures that every user can access every part of the operating system, from processor speed to capacity.


The main advantage of using Corellium is that its processors can run a million more instructions compared to regular processors such as Intel. Thus, it makes Corellium unbelievably fast. For instance, Corellian can imitate the iPhone 6’s hardware and perform everything an iPhone 6 can.

Recently, Corellium announced that the platform is available for personal plan subscription, unlike in the past when only users with company or enterprise accounts could access the virtualized IOS device. The prices are $99 per month for a 2-core plan. Users with new Apple devices will require a 6-core plan at $295 per month.

Nevertheless, every request will be reviewed critically to ensure that individual subscribers are not up to malicious purposes; thus, every person will be required to provide a use case for security purposes.

Key Features

  • Ultimate mobile device security tools
  • You can test third-party apps like iOS
  • Powered by CHARMS
  • Access a device in a minute
  • Jailbreak iPhones
  • Third-party app store
  • Integrate your own models
Can you download apps from iOS App Store

Apple never shares their iCloud accounts with third-party companies, therefore you won’t be able to access apps from the iOS app store. You must download it from another source.

Is Corellium safe to use?

Yes, it is completely safe to use; we tested a few applications on it and discovered no viruses or malware. You may use it whenever you want.

Is it paid or free

The service is paid, and you must pay $99 per month for two cores, which is the basic plan; if you want to improve your performance, you must add more cores, which costs extra. They provide Business, Standard, Enterprise, and Premium plans for that you need to connect with the team.

Is Corellium an emulator or a simulator?

Corellium is less simulator than most simulators, which do not have the same make as IOS. Therefore Corellium is an IOS emulator. Security researchers use the emulators to carry out simulated IOS devices available on the browser. Corellium should be used by experts who are aware of how it works. Corellium IOS emulator can be used to run and test IOS applications.

Corellium has several benefits to different people in the IT field, such as

Corellium Review

Benefits to ethical hackers

With Corellian, ethical hackers can easily access loopholes in IOS that can help filtration of the system. Corellium has benefited White Hat hackers that apply to hack ethically to identify and check for vulnerabilities in the security system. After placing the challenges, they develop ways to improve or rectify the strategies for better security in the Company.

When White Hat hackers improve the security systems, illegal hackers are restrained from accessing private information that they might use for wrong reasons, such as tarnishing the Company’s name or asking for ransom.

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Benefit to App Developers

With Corellium, app developers can virtualize iPhone hardware they do not possess. With Corellian, app developers can save more money and reduce spending. At the same time, the users are allowed to test the functionality of different applications on a wide range of IOS devices.

Corellium allows developers to test applications reliably since the clone’s aspect is easy to control.

Some of the first-ever clients of Corellium, Azimith Security, benefited from the platform as well. The Company is famous for hacking San Bernardino’s terrorists that participated in a shooting in 2015.

How does Corellium Work?

You need to register on Corellium to help you log in. After login, a dashboard named “No Device Created Yet” will appear. Create a device to run the test. During the process, use the firmware provided by Corellium.

Wait for a few seconds for the device creation process. To connect to your device, use the VPN address created by Corellium. Test it with the ADB command to see its performance rate.

Afterward, files and applications on your devices will pop up. Install the APK on the device, and your applications and personal information get quality protection.

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End note

Since the introduction of corellium, there have been remarkable advantages to the tech industries, and there are more promises of getting better with time. Corellium has made it easy for developers to run a test of their software and applications with less spending.

How to test Apps on Corellium

Corellium platform allows static and dynamic app discovery through arm-on-arm virtualization. The platform ensures accuracy and high performance. The arm virtualization process ensures the best security test for your device.

The corellium platform can easily install and run applications directly. The IOS can also be connected to Xcode or Finder for fast app testing. Corellium also allows pause and resume of device operation to ensure better security testing processes.

You can acquire fast training from advanced features such as snapshots that simplify audit test procedures.

The admins can manage resources and grant permission to other specific users.

Automate pen testing through an automated file, app, and script installation.

Use of corellium to replace physical devices and emulators.

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