25 Best iOS Emulator for PC 2020

    ios emulator for pc

    Can you run smartphone apps on a PC? Yes, but you need an iOS Emulator. Apple is responsible for iOS; they created the operating system for their smartphones to use. In other words, accessing iOS apps on your PC is the equivalent of utilizing the functions of an iPhone or iPad on Windows or Mac.

    This is important because iPhones are the most sought after communication devices in the world. And because of their exclusivity, they are incredibly expensive. Most people can afford to buy a PC but iPhones exceed their financial capabilities by quite a margin.

    This is why iOS emulators have grown so popular. They enable budget constraints individuals to enjoy the capabilities of an iPhone without splashing thousands of dollars on the device.

    iOS Emulators are designed to create an environment within your computer’s operating system that is compatible with smartphone apps. You can get an iOS Emulator for PC from a variety of sources. But you need to apply for some care. Otherwise, you could expose your system to a virus.

    If you are determined to play within this field, these are some of the best iOS Emulators for PC on the market:

    Best iOS Emulator for PC

    1). Mobione Studio

    iOS Emulator

    This app is described as an Apple Emulator and it has been officially discontinued. But that can’t stop you from using it. The iOS emulator for windows will enable you to run Smartphone applications on your computer. Not only does it deliver the same status notifications you find on a smartphone but it is highly beneficial for people who want to create cross-platform applications.


    1). You can use it to create and test iOS apps on your computer

    2). Easy to configure

    3). Also easy to modify

    4). Intuitive


    1). Officially

    2). App design abilities are too complex


    2). IPadian

    Best iOS Emulator

    This iOS emulator for windows offers Siri, iMessage, Watch OS and a litany of other features that you normally associate with the iPad and iPhone. It doesn’t run every app but the number with which it is compatible is sufficient. The user interface is simple enough to understand.

    It is also free, which is unexpected for such a flexible program that doesn’t require that much RAM and, thus, can run heavy apps without debilitating your computer’s operations.


    1). Compatible with over 300 iOS apps.

    2). User-friendly interface

    3). Doesn’t require much RAM

    4). You can get it for free


    1). You can’t run every single iOS app


    3). App.IO

    This iOS emulator for PC is so simple to operate that even a child can use it. The emulator is also cloud-based. So you can use any platform such as Linux or even Mac and Android to access it. Initially designed for iPhone app beta testing purposes, you can use the emulator for free for seven days before upgrading to the paid version.


    1). The trial version allows you to test the emulator before committing to the premium plan.

    2). Easy to use and navigate

    3). Cloud-based and, thus, accessible from a variety of platforms.


    1). The quality of the images is low

    2). A little slow


    4). Xamarin Testflight

    This emulator is technically free but you must open an iTunes current record account to use it. The effort is worth it. You get a user-friendly interface, excellent developer support and the ability to run apps from iOS 8 and above on your computer.


    1). Offers advanced developer support

    2). Easy to use

    3). Free

    4). Has an abundance of positive reviews


    1). It isn’t compatible with apps that run on older iOS versions.

    2). You need an iTunes account to use it.


    5). SmartFace

    ios emulator smartface

    If you’re looking to build native cross-platform iOS apps, then this is the iOS Emulator for PC that you want. You can either acquire the complete emulator for a fee or a restricted version for free. The program uses a ‘drag and drop’ method that makes app development incredibly easy on Windows. You can also use it to run a variety of native iOS apps.


    1). A free version is available

    2). The user interface is simple

    3). App installations are quick

    4). App development is straightforward


    1). No Bluetooth

    2). It requires more RAM and memory than some of its competitors in this field.


    6). Remoted iOS Simulator

    ios emulator for pc

    This is a Xamarin product. The branding tells you as much. The emulator will enable you to operate the majority of iOS apps on the market on your PC. People like it because it is simple and it gives you far more options for testing apps. The interface is straightforward and so is the navigation. It only loses points because some of its competitors are compatible with other platforms besides windows. You need Visual Studio Enterprise on Windows to debug it.


    1). Simple user interface

    2). Easy to navigate

    3). It is compatible with most iOS apps.

    4). The connection to Xamarin is encouraging.


    7). Appetize

    if you do not like App.IO for whatever reason, Appetize is a great alternative. Not only does it run iOS and Android apps but it is also cloud-based. This makes the emulator incredibly easy to access and use. You can use it for free but only for the first 100 minutes.

    After that, its makers will charge you for every additional minute. The fee is worth the opportunity the emulator affords you to master app development.


    1). Offers a free trial period

    2). uses iFrame technology

    3). You get customer support for what you build with this emulator


    1). Won’t play iOS games


    8). IDOS

    IDOS ios emulator

    This iOS emulator for Windows doesn’t get enough love even though it allows users to play classic DOS games. It is also compatible with Nintendo and PSP games. Even though it is free to use, IDOS only seems to draw the interest of passionate hobbyists.

    Not only is it absent from the Apple store but, at the moment, it isn’t getting any bug reports or updates. That makes it a little tricky.


    1). One of the best DOS emulators on the market.

    2). The games are free.


    1). Importing DOS files is a challenge

    9). Air iPhone

    air phone ios emulator

    This is one of the most realistic iOS emulators on the market. It creates a virtual iPhone on your computer, enabling you to interact with programs and apps in the same way that you would on your iPhone. The emulator was created by Adobe.

    To use it, you must first install Air Framework but that isn’t difficult. Besides using your phone’s GUI on your PC, you can also build custom apps. Visually, this emulator is amazing.


    1). You can see your phone’s screen on your PC

    2). You can create and test apps on the Apple Store

    3). The image quality is impressive


    1). It doesn’t work with Windows 10.


    10). Imame

    Imame can run ordinary iOS apps. It isn’t as impressive as some of the other emulators on this list. But, at the very least, it can run some iOS apps. However, it shines in the area of gaming. You can download, install, and play iOS 9 and 10 games with this emulator, a fact that is likely to appeal to avid gamers.


    1). You can play iOS games

    2). It is light on the computing resources it uses.

    3). The visuals it offers are decent.

    4). You can create and test new games.


    1). As far as normal iOS apps are concerned, Imame isn’t that great.


    11). IPad Simulator

    IPad Simulator ios emulator

    If you want an iPhone or iPad but you can’t afford the real thing, this emulator will create a virtual clone of the devices on your computer. This iOS emulator for PC is an extension of the Chrome browser. As such, you must first acquire Google Chrome to secure the emulator.

    It will play iOS apps and games. It also provides the ‘Drag and Drop’ method.


    1). Creates a serviceable virtual iPad clone

    2). Easy to use.

    3). offers access to the most prominent apps, including Siri

    4). It is free


    1). it’s hard to find.

    12). Ripple

    Ripple ios emulator

    This is another Google Chrome extension. It started with a small fanbase but its following has grown immensely over the years. The emulator is compatible with macOS and Linux along with Windows. You can use it to access most iOS apps. You can also use it for development purposes. Because it is just an extension of Chrome, the emulator doesn’t require significant computing resources.


    1). You can use most iOS apps

    2). The emulator is cheap.

    3). It doesn’t consume much in the way of RAM or Memory.

    4). It is free


    13). iPhone Simulator

    This emulator is primarily used to test iOS apps. It creates an adequate virtual clone of the iPhone on your PC. You can play iPhone games if they pique your interest. But most of its users are more interested in testing their apps on Windows before exposing them to the general public.


    1). The iPhone simulation this iOS emulator for PC creates is surprisingly realistic.

    2). The visual quality is amazing.

    3). It is free


    1). It isn’t compatible with certain apps, at least as far as testing is concerned.

    2). You can’t use the Apple Store


    14). Electric Mobile Studio

    Electric Mobile Studio ios emulator

    This is a heavy iOS emulator for Windows, as heavy as they get actually. It consumes a noticeable quantity of computing resources. But that is to be expected. This is one of the higher-end emulators, designed for use on only Windows products.

    It can run iOS apps on your PC. The emulation it offers is impressive. You can also use it for in-depth testing purposes. But the emulator requires payment.


    1). You can use multiple coding languages.

    2). The quality of the iOS emulation is impressive.

    3). You get data on analytics and UI with regards to apps


    1). Complicated for people that lack technical coding skills

    2). Taxes the computer


    15). Nintendo 3DS Emulator

    Nintendo 3DS Emulator

    As its name suggests, this is a niche emulator. People use it to play 3DS games on their PCs. The emulator recreates the 3DS platform, allowing you to play any Nintendo 3DS titles you desire, even the 3D options. The emulator’s performance is smooth. There is no significant lag to speak of.

    You can also deploy the emulator on Mac and Android.


    1). You can use the emulator on multiple platforms.

    2). You have a lot of gaming titles to choose from.

    3). 3D games are also available.


    1). The emulator doesn’t do as impressive a job of running iOS apps that are not games.

    16). iPad Launcher

    iPad Launcher is a free desktop customization program that works on Windows. It’s emulation abilities are somewhat limited but it does an amazing job of letting you test the storage and processing requirements of your apps before deploying them.


    1). The emulator is easy to use and configure.

    2). It is free


    1). The program’s emulation abilities are limited.

    17). X Code

    ios emulator pc

    X Code is the emulator of choice for many MacOS users. You could call it the official emulation app for the Mac User even though it is more of an iOS app development tool than anything else. You can use it to debug and test your apps before putting them out on the market.


    1). Free to use

    2). Easy to install

    3). Works as a debugging and testing platform


    1). Emulation attributes are limited


    18). Emulator for iOS

    This emulator was designed with Nintendo and PSP enthusiasts in mind. You can use it to play PSP and Nintendo games on your Mac. But you might have to perform a rollback on the date for the emulator to work as required.


    1) You can play all the PSP and Nintendo games you want


    1). You need to perform a date roll back to get the emulator working

    2). Installing the program is a little tricky.

    19). iEmulator

    iEmulator for pc

    This program requires quite a bit of RAM and storage space. But the computing resources you must sacrifice are worth it for the benefits this iOS emulator for PC will deliver. Once installed, it will give you access to both iOS apps and games. You can also play PSP, Nintendo, and Windows games. The level of flexibility offered is surprising.


    1). You can play games from a wide variety of platforms


    1). It consumes a lot of RAM and Memory

    20). Xamarin

    Xamarin is one of the most popular iOS emulators on the market. It does an impressive job of mimicking the iPhone environment on your PC. This, in turn, allows you to use iOS apps on your computer. Of course, if you have more serious intentions in mind, the program can also debug and test your apps on Windows.


    1). The emulator is free

    2). You can test and debug apps

    3). It works on Mac, Linux, and Windows


    21). Transmorge.ne

    This is a fascinating but limited emulator. First of all, it is a website rather than a program. Secondly, you can use it to emulate the iPhone environment to determine what your website would look like if it was displayed on an iPhone


    1). The emulator is free to use

    2). It lets you change screen sizes

    3). You can debug your site.


    1). Emulation abilities are limited

    Visit Site

    23). Screenfly


    This is also a website. Like its competitors in the field, It allows you to observe the way your website will appear once it is displayed on an iPhone screen. Compatible with iPhone 5 and 6, it breaks your resolution into pixels to provide you with more detailed adjustment options.


    1). Cheap

    2). Offers detailed adjustment options


    1). Limited in its emulation attributes

    24). iPhone4simulator

    This is the website you visit when you want to determine the quality of your website once it is displayed on the screen of an iPhone. You have to be online to use the emulator. But it is very simple to use, though it only emulates the iPhone 4. You still get quite a few iPhone 4 applications to play with. You don’t have to spend money to use it.


    1). Free

    2). Simple to use.


    1). Limited in the emulation attributes it offers

    2). It only simulates the iPhone 4.


    And that is it. These are the best iOS emulators on the market. If you want to use your smartphone apps from within the confines of your PC, you don’t need to look any further than the iOS emulators listed above. Most of you will be tempted to prioritize free emulators and programs.

    No one wants to pay for software whose capabilities they can get for free. But if you want to guarantee optimal results, you are better off paying for a high-end emulator. If you want to develop apps, premium emulators will offer you the sort of additional support you need to get your projects off the ground.

    Depending on your computing device, some of these emulators could tax your CPU which means that you might have to perform some upgrades before installing your emulator of choice. Most emulators will provide you with a list of the hardware and software requirements that are necessary to utilize their capabilities. Try to match the emulator you choose to the specs of your device.


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