iPadian iOS Emulator Review: Installation Guide (2023)

One of the well-known software, iPadian, emulates the iOS user interface on Windows, providing your PC an iPad-like experience. The charm of this system is that it doesn’t alter your PC in any way. Instead, it is a standalone desktop application for Windows that launches a screen that resembles the user interface of an iPad while still only interacting with Windows files and programs.


On its website, you can download the iPad-like tool. However, you might be wondering if using iPadian is safe. Let’s talk about if the widely used gadget is actually safe and legal to use in this article.

How Do Emulators Work?

To understand Is iPadian Safe, let’s first understand what a simulator is. An emulator is a piece of computer software that mimics or copies the operation of a device or application to operate identically on different computer systems. On your Windows computer, it enables you to undergo the graphic interface’s appearance, tactile feel, and behavior. The emulator utility simply executes the software alongside the other installed programs and processes on your computer, making no changes to your data files or operating system.

What Is the iPadian Software?

iPadian doesn’t count as an iOS emulator in the real sense. It is a desktop application created with Adobe Air and is not a true emulator that enables you to run any iPad apps on a Windows computer; rather, it merely simulates the iOS user interface on your Windows PC. This software prevents you from utilizing iTunes or your iPad apps on your PC. Access to the iPadian virtual app store gives you the impression that you are utilizing the iOS app store, but in reality, it is just a series of packed Windows software. It’s unrelated to iOS in any way.


Adobe Air must also be installed on your PC in order to utilize iPadian.

You can watch iMessage from your Windows computer with the second iteration of iPadian. Users of Macs can send and receive texts without the use of their mobile phones by using an app called iMessage. Since iMessage is an Apple product that only works with Apple-related hardware, it cannot be utilized on Windows. However, you may be able to achieve that in a Windows-based operating system with iPadian 2. An illustration of an iOS emulator is iPadian 2.

The iPadian 2 Simulator Program’s Instructions:

Step 1: Install the iPadian tool from its website to a Windows computer.

Step 2: After that, install your iPadian simulator software by according to the directions in the following section. Uncheck the boxes next to any download requests for other software if you encounter them, then install just the iPadian utility.

Allow for the iPadian software setup to be finished in step 3.

Step 4: Open the iPadian simulator tool after completing the iPadian installation.

Step 5: You can use the pre-installed apps in the iPadian app store, which is available.

Step 6: Search the iPad app store for the iMessage app.

Step 7: To download the iMessage app to any Windows computer, click the Free option.

We will find out if using iPadian is safe and legal in the following section after learning what the software program is as how it works.

Minimum System Requirements to run iPadian on PC

Processor Intel, AMD, or any other compatible 1Ghz or above
GPUDirect 9
OSWindows, 7, 8, 10, 11

Is the iPadian Tool Safe & Legal?

How safe is iPadian? Actually, it is not secure. The majority of customers have reported in their comments and feedback that it frequently results in the installation of bundled software on their computers and perhaps even displays several risky advertisements while they are using it.

The iPadian tool is used by a large number of people, who provide a variety of comments and feedback. It is one of the top iOS emulators according to Google. However, several consumers said that they were dissatisfied with the services provided by iPadian.

On their Windows computer, other apps or files were actually installed and downloaded in the background together with the iPadian utility, according to some computer users who reported on this. These might be a security issue, particularly if other installed freeware programs are involved.

Even more, pop-ups and advertisements are present in the iPadian program, which you will see when utilizing the utility. The utility is not safe to use, according to other users, as it installs apps that you do not want. Your computer’s performance will also be a little bit slower as a result of iPadian. You cannot truly utilize the iPad interface well because it uses swiping, which is not possible on a Windows computer, but an iPadian can scroll down and up using a mouse.

Is iPadian paid?

Yes, this application has pricing. You must spend $25 for a legal download if you wish to use it on a Windows PC. Shop at the official website.

Can you connect iPhone apps using iPadian

The simple answer is No, this is just an emulator which uses software engineering to run iOS apps on Windows PC. But it hasn’t been developed for connecting iPhone apps to Windows.

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