5 Best Online iOS Emulator : Run iOS Apps On PC (2023)

If you’re looking for the best online iOS emulator for your PC to use in a browser to test apps and run iPhone games or apps on Windows or Mac, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve tested some emulators and simulators for you. Check out the guide below.

An iOS emulator is computer software that enables users to run iOS (iPad, iPhone) applications on the PC. It is an affordable and convenient way of testing and demonstrating mobile apps. Users can enjoy the convenience of playing games or running mobile-based applications on their computers in a larger screen format. They can quickly download and play videos, including those that are not available outside of China. The emulators also allow developers to perform quick tests and demos without having to use a physical device with limited storage space of actual devices like iPods, iPads, or iPhones.

Top 5 Best Online iOS Emulators 

Below are the top 5 best online iOS emulators which are known to users today.

1. Appetize.io


Appetize.io is a mobile application development company that has made a significant contribution to the popularity of mobile applications. It is actually one of the most preferred iOS emulator companies in the world. The company’s rewards scheme and loyalty system is exceptionally effective in promoting its products within the market. It offers various rewards that could include vouchers, points, badges, and more for users who register for its system and are loyal to it. Its links will also be listed on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter among others.

Key Features:

  • Support Android, and iOS device
  • Free trial version
  • Support multiple launages
  • 100 minutes per month free to use
  • Live App preview
  • Training and support team
  • Testing and automation
  • Developer friendly interface
  • Multiple device and screen ratios available

2. Corellium


Corellium has a reputation of being one of the most favored iOS emulator companies around the world. Its products are reliable and capable of consistently producing innovative solutions to the problems of businesses and individuals. Corellium is available both as a full-featured emulated device or as a beta version, which allows its users to test new features so that they can make informed decisions as to its suitability for their needs in the future. Corellium is known to offer a wide range of services and products to meet the requirements of businesses and individuals.

Key Features:

  • Root Access
  • No need to ship the device
  • Enhanced security
  • Development flexibility
  • Full-stack interoperability testing program
  • No need to modify the code
  • A free trial version is available
  • Better than iOS Simulator
  • Customizable performance
  • Business plan available
  • Support Android, iOS, and ARM device

3. iOS Simulator in Xcode


Xcode is one of the most preferred iOS emulator companies and software around the world. It is an integrated development environment for Mac OS X that allows developers to create applications for Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad, and more. Its features include the ability to test, edit and run iOS apps on a computer with a large screen as well as making it possible to test functionalities without having to use physical devices. It also has a simulator that allows developers to test applications without having to use an actual iOS device. This can save people both time and money on devices that only allow limited usage before they have to be recharged or replaced or have their hardware functionality checked.

Key Features

  • Choose multiple devices iPad or iPhone
  • Fast processing time
  • You can enable developer mode on the device
  • Dark mode

4. TestFlight


TestFlight is a freemium service that allows developers to share their iOS app with a certain number of beta testers prior to the general public release. It provides both free and pro services to its users. The pro version will allow users to test their apps on real devices, while the free version allows them to test their apps on emulators only. It is one of the most favored iOS emulator companies within the global markets today. TestFlight allows developers to manage their beta testing process and track their distribution of beta apps. It also allows them to quickly identify issues and receive feedback from the testers on how to make improvements.

Key Features

  • Support multiple language
  • Support iOS, tvOS, iPadOS, macOS
  • License freeware to use

5. iPadian- iOS Emulator For PC


iPadian– iOS Emulator For PC is one of the most preferred iOS emulator companies around the world. It has established a reputation for reliability, performance, and high quality of service within the global market. The company produces various software applications that are used by businesses and individuals to perform particular functions on their computers. Its products are able to meet the requirements of users irrespective of their geographical location or social status within society.

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Key Features:

  • Available to use the latest iOS 16
  • Paid software
  • Support 1000+ apps
  • Available customer support
  • Only works with Windows
  • UI look like iPad


iOS emulators are one of the most popular ways for developers to quickly test apps on computers without having to use actual devices. Some developers prefer using emulators because they do not need to spend money on a device that can be easily damaged or used up by its limitations. It is also important to note that iOS emulator companies generally offer their services at very affordable prices, which makes them suitable for individuals who want to carry out quick tests and get results relatively fast.

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