5 Best Pokemon Emulator for iOS/iPhone (2023)

A Pokemon emulator for the iPhone is a type of app that emulates the games. The apps are downloadable to your iOS device and can be used as an external controller. It would also allow gamers to experience the game while they’re at work, on vacation, or even in bed! Therefore, these apps could save you an incredible amount of money and time because you wouldn’t need to buy those expensive games anymore. A Pokemon emulator for iPhone lets you play your favorite game, even if you don’t have the original game for your device.

Here are the 5 Best Pokemon Emulators for iPhone

Below are five of the best Pokemon iPhone to play games on your iPhone.

1. GBA4iOS –

The Best Pokemon emulator iPhone to play games


GBA4iOS is among the best Pokemon emulators for the iPhone because of its compatibility with the iPhone and other devices. You can download it for free from the App Store. It allows you to experience all of your favorite Pokemon games anytime, anywhere. It also provides you with an easy way to manage characters, save data, save states and device controls. Furthermore, it has been designed in a simple way that allows you to enjoy your favorite Pokemon games by playing on your iPad or iPhone within minutes.

  • Cheats supported
  • Dropbox Sync
  • Compatible with iPad
  • Custom Controller skins
  • Newly designed for iOS 7

2. Delta emulator 


If you are searching for an alternative to GBA4iOS, then Delta emulator is a great choice. It’s also a free app that can help you get the best from your games. The app is easy and intuitive to use, and it comes with the most advanced Game Boy Color emulator on the market today. Delta emulator really does a great job of simulating almost every aspect of a physical Game Boy Color. It is fun to use and gives you the opportunity to play your favorite games on the go.

  • Native iOS Frameworks
  • iCloud sync will be available.
  • Full support for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
  • Save states & Cheat codes.
  • Multi-System.
  • Controller Support.

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3. Game Play Color 

Game Play Color 

If you’re looking for a great Game Boy Color emulator for iPhone or iPad, then Game Play Color is the app to download. It allows you to play any game on your iPhone or iPad with amazing graphics and gameplay. The app offers all the features of the original hardware and additionally, it works on your device’s screen as well. If you’re looking for a perfect Pokemon emulator then Game Play Color is perfect. Game Play Color is great. You can now play your favorite games straight from the iPhone or iPad.

4. Happy Chick Emulator – The best for iOS

Happy Chick Emulator

Happy Chick Emulator is the best emulator for Pokemon games in terms of performance and compatibility. You can use it on your iPhone or iPad, and it works perfectly with all versions of the Apple operating system. It has been designed to work without any problems, so you can enjoy your favorite Pokemon games. The app allows you to download hacks or play your favorite RPG game from any region on the globe. You can also get lots of cheats, and there is a collection of ROM for every occasion. Happy Chick Pokemon Emulator is the best emulator for Pokemon games for iPhone or iPad.

5. RetroArch 


RetroArch is the best emulator because it runs on all of your favorite devices. It allows you to play games from all of your favorite consoles, including the Nintendo Game Boy, Sega Master System and even the Sony PlayStation. The app is compatible with iPhones and iPads and it’s easy to use. RetoArch gives you a chance to play exciting games while on vacation or at work. You could also use it as your school or university library when you’re bored or during lunch break. RetroArch is perfect for playing Pokemon RPG games with all its features intact. RetroArch is your best choice for a great Pokemon emulator on iPhone or iPad.


The five best Pokemon emulators iPhones allow you to play Pokemon games on your iPhone. They will let you get the most from your favorite Pokemon games so that you can play them whenever and wherever you feel like it. With these apps, you won’t need to buy expensive games for your iPhone or iPad. You can download GBA4iOS for free from the App Store. The app is one of the most popular options for playing games on iPhone and iPad today.

Delta emulator is also a great choice if you want a free pokemon emulator iPhone to play Pokemon on your iPhone or iPad. Happy Chick Emulator is another good option because it has been designed with performance in mind.

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