Delta iOS Emulator Review: Installation Guide (2023)


The Delta Emulator is an emulator for classic video games, created to allow people without the privilege of accessing their old video game consoles to experience their favorite classic titles. The Delta Emulator is a program capable of emulating old games by running them as native files on your computer. The program also features in-depth … Read more

iPadian iOS Emulator Review: Installation Guide (2023)


One of the well-known software, iPadian, emulates the iOS user interface on Windows, providing your PC an iPad-like experience. The charm of this system is that it doesn’t alter your PC in any way. Instead, it is a standalone desktop application for Windows that launches a screen that resembles the user interface of an iPad … Read more

Corellium Review: Is it best iOS Emulator (2023)


Corellium is a machine-based virtualization used to test security on iPhone devices. The Corellium Company created a virtual imitation of mobile devices to enable them to test software and applications. Corellium ensures that every user can access every part of the operating system, from processor speed to capacity. The main advantage of using Corellium is … Read more

Smartface Review: Is it best iOS Emulator? (2023)


Smartface iOS emulator is a professional iPhone and iPad emulator that allows you to run apps on a 4K monitor. The simulator has been designed to achieve high-quality mobile graphics similar to the ones on a physical device. Additionally, it supports GPU rendering, allowing for enhanced speed performance in loading apps and playing games. Smartface … Read more